Mr.Yu Youren wrote an inscription for Ma Mingren Plaster in Xi'an
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Ma Mingren Plaster, a national intangible cultural heritage, has been operating in the ancient city of Xi'an for a hundred years, and its family has followed the family precept of "benevolence and filial piety" for generations. But behind these four words, there is a little-known history and memory of home country.

The story goes back to 1937, when Japan invaded China completely. In the same year, the Japanese army began to investigate and bomb Xi'an. Especially after the Japanese army established an aviation base in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province in 1938, the air strikes against Xi'an became more frequent and rampant, and lasted for seven years. The Japanese bombing caused a painful disaster to the ancient city of Xi'an and the people. According to public statistics, the cumulative number of casualties exceeded 3,400, and more than 6,700 houses were destroyed.

During the bombing, "Ma Mingren Plaster Shop" was not spared, and shops, medicinal materials and appliances were all burned down. Faced with this situation, Mr. Ma Mingren was saddened. However, at the head of the national crisis, the Ma family can only collect medicinal materials in Taibai Mountain and reorganize the plaster shop. On the other hand, use the remaining property to purchase disaster relief items and take in the surrounding affected people.

Because of Mr.Ma Mingren's superb medical skills, good will and charity, and once cured waist diseases for General Yang Hucheng, neighboring villagers recommended him to coordinate disaster relief. During this period, Ma's family tried their best to rescue patients. "After curing the disease, they didn't take any money, so that the normal life of the family is unsustainable.".

In the 28th year of the Republic of China (1939), Mr. Yu Youren, then the director of supervision, went back to his hometown to visit relatives. When he heard about this, he learned that Ma Mingren was born in Meixian County, Shaanxi Province, and repeatedly praised that he had characters of Zhang Zi ( a great Confucian in ancient china,a fellow countryman with Ma Mingren).

Mr. Yu Youren specially rushed to the reopened Ma Mingren Plaster Shop, praising: "We have known that Ma's ancestors had the family motto of'Benevolence and Kindness', and as descendants, they can let patients try before buying. They don't take any points for the poor and lonely people, don't be humble or arrogant for the high positions of power, and don't cure the corrupt officials and bullies. This time, they are righteous to save the disaster people. If you love people with a heart of loving yourself, you will be benevolent! (Zhang Zai's famous remark) "

After speaking, Mr.Yu Youren waved on the spot and re-inscribed the calligraphy  "Benevolence and Kindness" for Ma Mingren herbal plaster shop, which was made into a plaque for gift.

Unfortunately, Mr. Yu Youren's calligraphy inscription and the corresponding plaque were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, which made people sigh. However, Mr.Yu Youren's story of alligraphy inscription for Ma Mingren Plaster Shop spread among the people in the ancient city of Xi'an, and became a common memory of the family history and old Xi'an city.


 Calligraphy inscription of Mr. Yu Youren (Restoration)