The arduous road of Ma family migration
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"Ma's medicine shop" became more and more famous when it spread to Ma Jinfu(the son of Ma Liuyi),the second-generation successor. However,the national situation was gradually declining, disasters and chaos were everywhere in the Central China, and starvation victims were everywhere.

 Ma Jinfu had to reluctantly move away from his ancestral home with his family. The chaotic world is full of images, and it's hard to find medical talents in the country. Fortunately, doctors can still find real good raw materials of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is the last comfort in doctors' hearts.Therefore, the Great Qinling Mountains, known as the "herbal kingdom", is undoubtedly an excellent destination.


After months of ups and downs, a family of more than a dozen people finally reached the foot of Taibai Mountain(Main peak of Qinling Mountains). Seeing this lush, misty mountain range, Ma Jinfu kowtowed and worshipped with tears, because he knew that there were inexhaustible medical treasures on this green hill, which could relieve the diseases and pains of all peoples.

Time goes by, and in a blink of an eye, it is the thirty-one year of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty. In the meantime, Ma Jinfu studied the family medicine method hard, visited famous medical experts, and learned from his father's secret technique of treating rheumatism and bone disease to create the technique of "snow soaking" and "melting powder" , simplify the pharmaceutical process and improve the efficacy. At the same time, Ma's plaster has the effect of " special prescription and treatment". Also that year, his son Ma Mingren was born.