The preeminent herbal plaster of traditional Chinese medicine:

Ma Mingren herbal plaster


Herbal plaster, a traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) for external use, originated from the Spring and Autumn to the Warring States Periods in Ancient China, has two thousand years of history.

It was also called rheumatoid ointment, which was prepared with vegetable oil or animal oil by adding boiled colloidal substance on the side of cloth, paper or leather. It can be attached to the affected areas for a long time, mainly used in the treatment of furuncle, eliminating swelling etc.

The herbal plaster is an important part of Chinese medicine,one of the five dosage forms including pill,powder,herbal plaster, pellet, and the soup. Herbal plaster therapy is a unique external therapy of TCM, which is widely used in the treatment of various diseases and got highly praised from all kinds of patients.The mechanism action is through the pathway of drug absorption and meridians of the patient body or the affected part,playing significant functions such as the blood stasis,promoting granulation and relieving pain, meridian dredges, and penetrating,expelling wind and cold,so as to achieve a specific therapeutic effect. 

Ma Mingren herbal plaster was founded in the Qing dynasty by one famous doctor named Mr.Ma Liuyi who was specifically focused on the bone diseases. For the reasonable exquisite unique craftsmanship, curative effect of the formula Ma Mingren herbal plaster has been used to cure the patients for decades. So far, it has become a model of external herbal plaster for curing the bone diseases. After more than 160 years of inheritance from six generations, Mr.Ma Mingren inherited the essence of traditional Chinese medicine in the motherland and the pharmaceutical technology of herbal plasters, and combined the wisdom and experience of Chinese people in fighting for various diseases.

During the period of Ma Mingren, the third generation inheritor of Ma's family, Ma Mingren improved the formula. Two new methods of "snow soaking" and "melting powder" have improved the clinical efficacy of Ma's plaster. In the twenty-fifth year of the Republic of China (1936), General Yang Hucheng, a famous patriotic general, used Ma's plaster to cure his waist disease, which was praised by General Yang Hucheng. Ma's descendants adhered to the teachings of their ancestors, followed the concept of "Benevolence and Kindness", worked hard and developed constantly. After more than 160 years of inheritance, Ma's plaster not only retains the integrity of ancient pharmaceutical technology, but also inherits and develops the pharmaceutical production technology of Chinese traditional culture. Nowadays, Ma's plaster is an important carrier of traditional Chinese medicine culture, which not only spreads the core values of Chinese culture, but also integrates philosophical ideas into its compounding skills.

By the sixth generation of Ma's family, Mr. Ma Xubin established Xi 'an Mingren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 2001 in order to promote traditional Chinese medicine culture and family ancient skills.     

The mission of this company is to "Benevolence and Kindness", which is consistent with the concept of the Ma family. Its goal is to serve the people and give back to society. The company has established a modern production base, and in accordance with the requirements of modern industrial chain development, it has established a scientific operation mode of "seven unifications", namely "unified training, unified publicity, unified distribution, unified name, unified service and unified quality management". At present, more than 1,000 "Ma Mingren Plaster Shop" has been opened in China, serving people with neck, shoulder, waist and leg discomfort.

Ma Mingren Plaster Shop is the first Chinese medicine shop specializing in the treatment of rheumatism, bone diseases and other diseases in China. It has set a precedent for this industry and will bring good news to most patients with rheumatic diseases.

In 2014, “Ma Mingren Plaster Ancient Making Techniques” has been awarded to be the  china national intangible cultural traditional medicine protection project. Based on the spirit ”Benevolence and Kindness” of hundred years of the time-honored enterprise culture, Ma Mingren herbal plaster try to really service the community and all the patients. And a modern production base and nationwide Ma Mingren herbal plaster Cultural Heritage Center have been founded. And hundreds of thousands of patients each year have been relieved from bone diseases.

The principles of Ma's family:the lives are the first, take off the shackles of patients and keeping the conscience always!