⊙ The fourth generation successor: Ma Shuyin(1929~2019)

The son of Ma Mingren. He has studied traditional Chinese medicine, learned from the strengths of famous experts under the guidance of his grandfather and father, and created a new method of treating. For the first time, Ma Mingren's factory and shop were separated to form a large-scale pharmacy, which eliminated rheumatism and arthralgia for countless people.

 First generation founder:Ma Liuyi(1830-1916)

During Xianfeng period of Qing Dynasty, Ma Liuyi founded Ma's Pharmacy. Because of his excellent medical skills, the Imperial Hospital of Qing Dynasty invited him to enter the palace. He declined politely: "Doctors should not only serve the rulers, but also help saving the world and the people, and the people are the foundation of the country."

⊙ The second generation inheritor: Ma Jinfu (1857 -1937)

The son of Ma Liuyi. He inherited  Ma's Pharmacy, moved the head office to ancient city of Xi'an and opened a branch. Summarized his father's secret method of treating rheumatism , and created a new method of "snow soaking and melting powder" .The rheumatic patients often asked for it, and the medicine can cure the disease. Ma's drug store became famous.

⊙ The third generation successor: Ma Mingren(1905-1958)

The son of Ma Jinfu. His courtesy name is Boyi, pseudonym of Taiyishanren. He inherited  Ma's Pharmacy at the age of sixteen, and cured lumbar diseases for patriotic general Yang Hucheng of china. Yang Hucheng praised: "Drink five-day soup is not as good as a paste of Ma Mingren plaster ". At the suggestion of General Yang Hucheng, Ma's Pharmacy was renamed Ma Mingren Plaster Shop.

⊙ The fifth generation successor:Ma Xinrong

The grandson of Ma Mingren, the son of Ma Shuyin. Taking "Benevolence and Kindness" as its centennial aim, he has developed an old-fashioned enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales, adhered to the pharmaceutical concept of "being good at rare medicinal materials and being strict with the method of inheriting", and established a good reputation in the industry.

 The sixth generation successor:Ma Xubin

The great-grandson of Ma Mingren. 

He is the representative inheritor of Ma Mingren herbal Plaster techniques, which has listed as one of the "China National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Project"  in 2014. Committed to inheriting and developing the ancient techniques of Ma's plaster, and serving the country and the people, he has created a new model of direct store experience, so that people can stick a hundred-year-old plaster on their doorstep.