Memory of the ancient city of Xi'an:Ma Mingren Herbal Plaster
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There is a story about traditional medical community in the ancient city of Xi'an, and the general's casual words actually made an old Xi'an brand that has been handed down to this day.

Things can be traced back to the 25th year of the Republic of China (1936). At that time, the political situation was turbulent. Yang Hucheng, a patriotic general stationed in the ancient city of Xi'an, worked hard all day long to protect the livelihood of the people. Unfortunately, his waist disease broke out, the pain was unbearable and he was bedridden. After being recommended by friends, he sought medical treatment from Mr.Ma Mingren in the "Ma's Pharmacy" in the city. Mr.Ma Mingren personally came to the door to make a diagnosis, and treated it with family plasters. General Yang's waist disease greatly improved.

 A few days later, General Yang insisted on coming to the door to thank him. When he entered the door, he praised loudly: "it's better to stick Ma Mingren herbal plaster than to drink five-day soup.". As soon as the voice just fell, the attendants took out the prepared generous gifts. Mr. Ma Mingren quickly declined when he saw it, and responded: "The general has become ill after working hard for his country, and Boyi (courtesy name of Ma Mingren) is very lucky to be able to get medical treatment. You're welcome!"

General Yang was very moved. He just couldn't understand why Ma's Pharmacy had been operating in Xi'an for decades, but if it wasn't for the recommendation of his friends, he almost missed this plaster prescription and lamented, "How many Ma's are there in the world? If it is called Ma Mingren Plaster Shop, it will be easier for patients to visit. "

  Mr.Ma Mingren deeply feels this way. Since the people in the city have been widely known as "Ma Mingren Herbal Plaster", but not the name of Ma's Pharmacy, why not rename it! General Yang's kind advice spread in Xi'an since then, and eventually became a story about the name change of traditional medical community.


The renamed "Ma Mingren Plaster Shop" is not only the first drug shop named after plasters in Xi'an ancient city, but also from then on, it has been dedicated to the family-run plasters of "treating internal diseases and external diseases", inheriting the plaster making skills of the ancestor Ma Liuyi (a famous doctor in Xianfeng period of Qing Dynasty), and relieving the people in Xi'an from their illness and suffering, which has been passed down to this day.