The origin of Ma Mingren plaster and the story of its founder
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“Ma Mingren Plaster”(Originally named Ma's Plaster) was founded in the 10th year of Xianfeng, Qing Dynasty (1860). On the basis of careful study on external treatment of bone diseases of former sages by Mr. Ma Liuyi, a famous osteopathy doctor, combined with decades of medical experience, this prescription was originally created. Its prescription is reasonable, its compatibility is exquisite, its manufacturing technique is unique and its curative effect is exact. At that time, it had become a model for external treatment and a good prescription for bone diseases.


    According to "Notes on Ma's Medical Records", Ma Liuyi has been following famous doctors in Henan since he was twelve years old. He is gifted, diligent and studious, and won the favor of his master. Under the guidance of the master, many medical books and pharmacopoeia gradually became familiar with them.

    While doing his own thing patiently, Ma Liuyi carefully observed the master's diagnosis and medication of each patient. A few years later, he mastered a lot of etiology, pathology and medication methods.

  Ma Liuyi painstakingly studied the secret method of ointment and pill of sages, realized its true meaning, combined with many years of clinical experience, and created "nux vomica rheumatism bone pain ointment" and "Ma's acupoint arthralgia therapy" for rheumatism arthralgia syndrome, so as to eliminate stubborn diseases of waist and legs for his mother, and his filial piety was praised by people at that time.


       After that, Ma Liuyi opened the "Ma's Pharmacy" to cure countless patients. Because of its exact curative effect, it has been widely praised by the people, and people with neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain have come to buy it.

Ma Liuyi was not only good at medical skills, but also noble in medical ethics. The common people were deeply impressed and called him a very good doctor.

Because of his excellent medical skills, the Imperial Hospital of Qing Dynasty invited him to enter the palace. He declined politely: "Doctors should not only serve the rulers, but also help saving the world and the people, and the people are the foundation of the country."

This story was told for a while, and the reputation of "People's Doctor" was full of people, and even more appreciated by the medical community,and awarded a scholastic plaque "Benevolence and Kindness".